Shri Narayan Ashram, Shivkuti, Prayagraj-211004
C.B.S.E Affiliation No: 2130781, School Code: 70023


Dear Parents and Students,


By the blessing of Shri 1008 Narayan Mahaprabhu ji, Shri Nirmal Narayan Maharaj ji, Shri Girdhar Narayan Maharaj Ji we are able to move one more session ahead successfully reaching in all spheres of globe though various activities and practices.

Shri Mahaprabhu Public School is proud to announce “GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD” and ‘Golden Book of Record’ holder in the city of Prayagraj creating history in the field of science by holding the largest science practical in ‘Informal Education’, learning by doing, focusing joyful learning and experimental learning by sitting together and performing experiments of water the important component of life. The mother earth holds it and makes it possible for us to exist.

Education refers to the aim to have knowledge that lead us to be sensitive and conscious citizens. Shri Mahaprabhu Public School continuously focuses on the learning out come objectives, to make students sensitive and to be a part of society in fruitful manner and ‘Food Bank’ came out with small hands together to take care and to help the attendants of patients of ‘Children Hospital’ daily so that guardian could survive and their child be saved. The practice of Food Bank not only helped students to develop various skills like management, collection, cooperation, but also helped in maintaining hygiene, importance of food and empathy, good relationship and social responsibility. The students themselves became sensitive, emotional by seeing the need and importance of food and hard work of their parents for providing all facilities to them. It developed the importance of their presence to their parents and learnt happiness in giving.

Shri Mahaprabhu Public School not only focuses on student personality but caters all demands of students by providing best technologies in the form of student portal and well equipped Computer Labs and Smart Classes.

School is running regularly various Indoor and Outdoor sports activities including Yoga for both teachers and students for fitness of health as well as Mind. Girl students bagged, Bronze Medal in kabbadi Tournament by CBSE National level Tournament Cluster. Shri Mahaprabhu Public School is honored to hold ‘FIT INDIA’ school certificate by Govt. of India and has been the Venue of training of PHE teachers of four Districts under the ‘Khelo India’ mission by Central Govt. COE Prayagraj.

Dear Parents and Students! I hope the pages of magazine unfold the journey of our students performance and their excellence in various activities and events that hold for the all round development of students. My Heartiest wishes for the students and teachers for doing wonderful job at their parts and wish the great success to all of them. May God bless us with the strength and righteous knowledge to work and reach the expectations of parents and students. I would suggest parents to promote self learning and motivate to develop at least one vocational skill and help the student to be entrepreneur. Students are the future of Nation and make India ‘Aatmnirbhar Bharat’ by using 21st Century skills.

My sincere thanks to the parents, students and staff for being together and creating the bond that other could see and follow.

Smt. Ravinder Birdie
Narayan Ashram Shivkuti Allahabad